Any city deserves to be explored. There is an energy, life and story that is waiting to be discovered. 

I’ve lived in London and one of the biggest joys was catching the underground to an unknown area, usually on a Sunday, and simply walking around. Gazing at the buildings, getting ‘lost’ and maybe learning along the way. My now husband and I could easily wile away an afternoon. And with London you’re sure to stumble across a pub and a cold pint. And never very far from the underground home. 

Bangkok holds its own secrets and is maybe not so easy to navigate, and god knows she’s a hot and steamy place. But if you scratch below the surface and dare to explore you’re richly rewarded. 

The expat life is an opportunity. A new city, a new adventure. At first I was nervous about walking on my own, most cities it’s dangerous and especially as a woman. 

After a couple walks I quickly realised that during the day and with a wee bit of smarts Bangkok is a safe and mostly welcoming city. 

I was determined I’d start exploring, I found I had 5 hours a day to fill between school drop off and pick up. A friend recommended 22 Walks in Bangkok by Kenneth Cole. 

This is a fabulous book full of history and as the title suggests 22 Walks. Whilst I’d like to say I’ve done each of them as written. This book has turned into a starting point. A history lesson and a rough guide to areas to explore. 

At this point I’ve started on nine of these walks, rarely finished them, or at least as suggested. But it has given me an idea and destination to get started. 

I’ve done a couple on my own, but quickly recruited willing friends. Exploring, photography and finishing, more often than not, with an inexpensive bowl of street noodles and an ice cold coke. 

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